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Half a year between the two confrontations, the second round of Real Madrid and Manchester City is destined to be full of new ideas. In this campaign, both sides have the main players absent. How to seize the loopholes in the opponent's defense to implement precise strikes, and how the coach uses substitutions to implement variations will be the key to affecting the trend of the game. The two sides have already adjusted their state in the final stage of the league, and the strength and potential of the two teams will be subjected to the ultimate test from strong enemies.


In the first round of the contest in early February, Zidane did not use the "Christmas tree" of the Western Super Cup period, nor did he use the double forward formation. Instead, he set up a 433 switch 442 system, Isco and Vinicius partnered. Two wings. This 433 system has obvious imbalances. Isco will move to the middle in the attack. Carvajal's defensive pressure is relatively high. The relatively weak right side has become the focus of Manchester City.


Zidane's military strategy is relatively modest, but Guardiola's formation at the Bernabéu broke through. Sterling's physical condition is not suitable for the starting lineup, Guardiola simply hides Aguero and puts out a 442/460 without front line. De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva formed the first line of defense, Jesus and Mahrez defended the two gates, and Rodri and Gundogan partnered with double midfielders.

齐达内的军事战略相对温和,但瓜迪奥拉在伯纳乌的阵型得以突破。斯特林的身体状况不适合首发阵容,瓜迪奥拉只是掩盖了阿奎罗,而没有前线就投出了442/460。德布鲁因和贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)组成了第一道防线,耶稣和马赫雷斯(Mahrez)捍卫了两个大门,罗德里(Rodri)和贡多根(Gundogan)与中场双重后卫搭档。

In order to fight against Manchester City's crowded midfielder, Zidane asked Casemiro and F. Valverde to maintain their positions and reduce forward penetration. Vinicius faced Walker, who was also known for his speed. After Benzemare took over, no other player in Real Madrid could reach the center position in time, and the efficiency of attack was affected. Before Isco took advantage of his opponent’s backcourt error to score, Real Madrid’s two best opportunities in a sports game came from Varane’s long shot and Benzema’s close-range header. Four midfielders played at the offensive end. The performance is rather bleak.

为了与曼城拥挤的中场作战,齐达内要求凯斯米罗和瓦尔韦德保持位置并减少前锋的进攻。 Vinicius面对沃克,沃克也以他的速度着称。本泽马雷接任后,皇家马德里没有其他球员能及时到达中锋位置,进攻效率受到影响。在伊斯科利用对手的后场失误得分之前,皇马在体育比赛中的两个最佳机会来自瓦拉内的远射和本泽马的近距离头球。四名中场球员在进攻端出战。性能相亚博登录网址当暗淡。

After Jesus equalized the score, Zidane replaced Jovic, Bell and Vazquez, and changed 442 to try to strengthen the attack. Seeing that the thickness of Real Madrid's midfield has been weakened and the distance between the wing players has increased, Guardiola commanded Manchester City to strengthen the frontcourt at this stage. Modric's end caused Real Madrid to encounter difficulties in the offensive advancement. Sterling overtook the penalty made by Carvajal, and Casemiro's backcourt pass error gave Jesus a single shot (causing Ramos's red card), both of which were out of control after Real Madrid's transition.


Based on the experience and lessons of the first round, Zidane needs to organize a tighter line of defense in this campaign, find a suitable right-wing candidate, and mobilize more resources to cooperate with the attack on the restricted area while ensuring the balance of offense and defense. Regrettably, Ramos, who was able to play an important role in the two penalty areas, was suspended. Real Madrid encountered a similar dilemma as last season's Champions League 1/8 final stage, which constituted a severe test of Zidane's tactical ability.


With a score of 1-2, Real Madrid can only play offensively and strive for more goals, which places high demands on the pressure-bearing ability of the high defense. Ramos is absent, and there are only two remedies, that is, arranging Millitang to replace him, or moving Casemiro to the guard line to fill the vacancy. Casemiro's lack of qualified substitutes is a loophole in Real Madrid's lineup. Zidane once arranged for F. Valverde to delay the midfielder at Mestalla. Because the actual combat effect was relatively ordinary, the test did not follow.

皇家马德里只能以1-2的得分进攻,争取更多进球,这对高级防守的承受压力能力提出了很高的要求。拉莫斯缺席,只有两种补救办法,那就是安排米利当代替他,或者将凯西米罗调到警戒线以填补空缺。凯斯米罗缺乏合格的替补球员,这是皇马阵容中的一个漏洞。齐达内曾安排F. Valverde推迟梅斯塔拉的中场。由于实际战斗效果相对普通,因此没有进行测试。

Since the rematch, Militang has completed three starts in La Liga, and his performance has been much stronger than at the beginning of the season. In the match between Militan and Varane, the Brazilian will generally appear in the right center back position, and Real Madrid has enough manpower on this side to provide him with protection.


From bilateral forwards to wingers + midfielders, from four forwards to single arrows, Zidane has tried many types of striker combinations since the rematch, and finding suitable right-wing candidates is one of the purposes of the experiment. Judging from the current situation, Asensio and F. Valverde both hope to be the starters, and Isco, who scored a goal in the first round, is also ranked higher.


If Real Madrid is ready to launch a high-intensity frontcourt press from the beginning, Zidane can use the right combination of F. Valverde and Modric. The former is responsible for driving the pressure and playing the advantage of physique and impact when holding the ball. Celo (Zinchenko), the latter's escape with the ball is Real Madrid's guarantee in the anti-oppression stage.

如果皇家马德里准备从一开始就推出高强度的前场新闻,齐达内可以使用F. Valverde和Modric的正确组合。前者负责控制压力,并在握球时发挥体质和撞击的优势。塞洛(津琴科),后者的带球脱逃是皇马在反压迫阶段的保证。

In the first round of the contest, Zidane hid Kroos in preparation for the national derby a few days later. This game, Kroos is bound to return to the starting line, Manchester City will also use the Germans on the defensive end of the loopholes to implement targeted attacks. Real Madrid can build the best defense in Europe this season, a big reason is that it can form a sustained and effective local encirclement, this ability will play an important role in this battle.


Zidane needs to provide protection for the lack of Ramos's defense, as well as the loss of the "power forward" frontcourt. Since the rematch, the long-standing “weakness” problem that has plagued Real Madrid has not been resolved. The crucial moment was Ramos’s 6 goals to help the team through the difficulties.


When the current attack is weak, Real Madrid needs to use the strength of the back to crush the opponent. The "side midfielder" F. Valverde is good at picking up leaks. The players who can face the central defender are Casemiro and Ramos. It is foreseeable that if the game situation continues to stalemate, Casemiro's center play will become Real Madrid's secret weapon.

当当前攻击力较弱时,皇家马德里需要利用后卫的力量压迫对手。 “边场中场”瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)擅长捡漏球。可以面对中后卫的球员是Casemiro和Ramos。可以预见,如果比赛形势继续陷入僵局,卡塞米罗的中锋将成为皇马的秘密武器。

From the victory over Barcelona at home in the 2016/17 season to the battle of Tianwangshan at home against Liverpool last season, in the game where Guardiola dared to give up the ball, Manchester City basically achieved good results. In the first leg against Real Madrid, Manchester City's possession rate was only 51%, far below the average level in the league, but the final result was very good.


Guardiola unexpectedly chose to be conservative in the first round of the contest. On the one hand, he was frightened by the difficulty of being a guest at the Bernabéu, and on the other hand, because of Sterling's injury. In the second round of the contest, Sterling returned to the starting lineup, but the most reliable terminator Aguero was unable to appear, the main left back Mendy suspended, Guardiola can still find a conservative reason.


Recently, Guardiola's rotation of the defense is very wide, which is obviously preparing for the Champions League knockout. In the FA Cup loss to Arsenal, Eric Garcia's performance was disappointing. As a short central defender with a height of only 1.82 meters, Eric Garcia's speed and explosiveness are short boards. There are also obvious problems in the selection and prediction of positions on the move. This is in the case of low fault tolerance. The Champions League is fatal on the stage, and the combination of Laporte and Otamendi may be more suitable.


For Manchester City to break through the dead half of the Champions League knockout, a double midfielder configuration is essential. In the away match at the Bernabeu, Guardiola put on a combination of Rodri & Gundogan's midfielder, De Bruyne went ahead, this successful experience is worth continuing. If you want to focus on defense, Rodri’s partner should be Fernandinho; if you continue to place De Bruyne in the back position, Guardiola will consider adding a contact point in front of the double back waist. Bernardo Silva is more suitable as a starting right forward than Mahrez.

对于曼彻斯特城要突破冠军联赛淘汰赛的半场比赛,双重中场配置至关重要。在伯纳乌(Bernabeu)客场比赛中,瓜迪奥拉(Guardiola)组合了罗德里(Rodri)和贡多安(Gundogan)的中场,德布鲁因(De Bruyne)取得了领先,这种成功的经验值得继续。如果您想专注于防守,罗德里的搭档应该是费尔南迪尼奥;如果您继续将De Bruyne放在后面的位置,瓜迪奥拉将考虑在双后腰的前面添加一个接触点。伯纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)比马赫雷斯(Mahrez)更适合作为前锋。

The score in the first round of the two sides is very subtle. Guardiola can continue to pursue efficiency with 442 without front, or return to 433 with me as the main player. Guardiola does not exclude fighting back in key battles, but the premise is that there must be a sharp pass and run line as a killer move.


Sane's departure weakened Manchester City's ability to strike in depth. Sterling, Jesus and Mahrez's efficiency in the key battle was not stable enough, Guardiola decided to adopt a conservative strategy at the Bernabeu. Gundogan and Fernandinho have shown their timidity in the battle of life and death several times. De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva's performance in the first leg of the game provides Guardiola with a suitable venue for the Champions League. The idea of ​​"civil ministers and military use".

Sane的离开削弱了曼彻斯特市深入进攻的能力。斯特林,耶稣和马赫雷斯在关键战役中的效率不够稳定,瓜迪奥拉决定在伯纳乌采取保守的策略。贡多安(Gundogan)和费尔南迪尼奥(Fernandinho)在生死战中几次表现出了自己的怯。德布鲁因和贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)在比赛首回合的表现为瓜迪奥拉提供了举办冠军联赛的合适场地。 “内政大臣与军事用途”的思想。

Real Madrid traveled to England, and the former Premier League MVPs Bale and Hazard attracted attention. The former lost the list and the latter naturally became the focus. In the middle of the season, since opening his goal account against Granada, Hazard completed a staggering 42 shots in the following six games, resulting in a match against Galatasaray, Eval and Leganes His three great victories had dispelled the doubts of the outside world.


After the rematch, Hazard had only 6 appearances (1 substitute) and two assists. His performance on the court seemed cautious. Zidane has always adhered to the strategy of "small injury and large recovery". When Real Madrid surpassed Barcelona to the top of the standings, Hazard's rest time further increased, which is a signal for the battle of Itihad.


During his time in the Premier League, Hazard recorded 4 goals and 6 assists when facing Manchester City, making him one of the most headache killers for the Blue Moon. If Hazard's physical condition is not suitable as a starter, his substitute Vinicius will usher in the big test of his career.


In theory, the combination of Hazard, Benzema and Bell should be Zidane's first choice when matching strikers. This combination has very good technical complementarity and can control various styles of play. For various reasons, Asensio replaced Bell's position. This brand new combination has already worked together after the semi-finals. The guest of Itihad is not only related to Real Madrid's success or failure in the Champions League this season, but will also have a profound impact on the team's future forward construction.


As a white-clothed hero who has participated in the construction of the three phases of the Galaxy battleship with a dual identity, Zidane has an unrepeatable coaching experience and celebrity, and he knows how to control Real Madrid. Just like his performance in his first term of office, Zidane’s strategy of using troops is changeable and his tactical flexibility is very strong. His biggest feature is the constant change of the formation based on the characteristics of the players. In this process, the team’s performance There are bound to be ups and downs.


Before and after the first round of the Champions League knockout round, Real Madrid was in the most turbulent period of the season. They were first eliminated by Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey, losing points on Levante and Celta consecutively in the league, and then staying as a guest. Marlin lost the top spot after the game. After the rematch, Real Madrid's lineup became more tidy due to the return of many wounded, and the tactical play was also smooth. The second round against Manchester City is an excellent opportunity to test the upper limit of this team.



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