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Tiger Fight, October 12, Shenhua player Bi Jinhao played well in the first stage of the league. Recently, in an interview with the "Football" newspaper, Bi Jinhao revealed that the vice president of the team Zhou Jun had become angry in order to make players not proud.


I'm very happy, but I think it doesn't mean to score a goal. The key is that the team can win. This is the happiest thing. I don't think that scoring is due to me alone. It was created by my teammates. I want to thank my teammates, coaching staff, staff, and leaders for their trust in me.


I didn't pay attention at that time. After playing R&F, I thought about playing Jianye, hoping that the team could enter the top four of the group, and didn't think about other things.


If the team needs a center, then I will play as a center. If I need a guard, I will play as a guard. It depends on the needs of the team and the coaching arrangements.


The two of us have grown up together since we were young, the National Youth Team has also been teammates, and the relationship is usually very good. In fact, this is the first time I have worked with him this year, and there is still a little chemical reaction. After all, we have played together since we were young. Of course, we ourselves did not expect to have such a big "spark". At the beginning of the league, I was definitely a defender, he was a midfielder, and we were more together in defense, but I didn't expect that I would have such a cooperation with him as a forward.


All-round, when we first entered the Dalian competition area, the hotel rooms were limited.


SIPG is a very strong team. Derby is also a game that fans like to watch. I hope the two teams will play a wonderful game. We will do our best on the court.


This still has a lot to do with Jin Xinyu and Moreno's injuries. They are very good foreign aids. The injuries did have an impact on our offense. At the beginning of the season, no one expected such a situation. Fortunately, we survived.


Yes, before the start of the new season, we introduced strong players such as Zeng Cheng and Feng Xiaoting. Their experience has helped the team a lot. Zhu Chenjie is now getting better and better and more mature. This year's defense has done a good job in defense. it is good.


This is a special season. I have never experienced it before. I lived with teammates, staff, coaches, leaders, and other opponents for more than 70 days. I think this can help us understand our opponents better. Everyone is boring, all the same. In Dalian for more than 70 days, Mr. Wu and Mr. Zhou have made a lot of contributions to the team that the outside world cannot see. Mr. Wu sits in the back and sends us messages after each game to encourage and cheer us. Mr. Zhou mobilizes and reduces Pressure.


After the guidance of Cui arranged me to be a guest striker, Mr. Zhou asked me to chat, let me lay down my baggage and have confidence in myself. Mr. Zhou told me: You played striker before. Last year, the FA Cup played against TEDA. After scoring a goal, Director Cui has the confidence to change you to a forward. When you are on the field, just try your best. We are all standing behind you, don't worry.


On the second day of training, everyone was very serious. Until the start of the construction industry, Mr. Zhou gave us a meeting and said:


I played FIFA with them, sometimes playing on the computer and watching movies.


After I was injured, Mr. Wu arranged for me to go to Spain for treatment. I was in the hospital bed. When he came to see me, he said to me: You can heal your wounds with peace of mind and don't have any worries. In addition to the temperature, Shenhua亚博登录网址’s team atmosphere is also the most fair and just.




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